Allied Capital
Alta Bates Hospital
ARCS Mortgage, Inc.
Bank of America
Banker's Mutual
Beneficial Standard Life Insurance Co.
Bethesda Foundation
Bridge Housing Corporation
Burbank Unified School District
Cal-Mortgage Loan Guarantee Program
California Federal Bank
California Housing Partnerships Corp.
Canadian Maple Leaf Funds
CareWest Enterprises
Catholic Healthcare West
City of Napa
City of San Rafael
Coast Federal Bank
Congregate Care Centers of America
CW Capital
Eskaton Health Corporation
First Indo-American Bank
First Interstate Bank
First Nationwide Savings Bank
Franklin Realty Group REIT
Freddie Mac
Friendly Hills HealthCare Network HMO
Gateway Savings Bank
G.E. Capital
Gibraltar Savings Bank
Great American Savings Bank
Guardian Foundation
Health Care Delivery Services, Inc.
HillHaven Corporation
Heller Healthcare Finance, Inc.
Holiday Retirement Corporation
HomeFed Bank
International Air Service Corporation
J.E. Robert Companies
Japan Airlines
Kaiser Family Trust
Kaiser Permanente HMO
Kenneth Laventhol and Company
Lennar Partners
LeisureCare, Inc.
Loma Linda University Medical Center
Los Medanos Community Hospital District
M-West Mortgage Company
Manor Healthcare Corporation
Mechanic's Bank
Mercy Retirement and Care Centers
Meritor Savings Bank
MetLife Capital Corporation
Napa Valley Unified School District
National Retirement Corporation
Natl. Foundation For Children With Aids
O & I Institutional Lenders
OSHPD/Office of Statewide Health Planning
Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC)
Retirement Corporation of America
Retirement Housing Foundation
Sacramento Savings Bank
San Francisco Federal Savings Bank
Security Pacific National Bank
Silicon Valley Bank
Spanish Speaking Unity Council
St. Mary's Hospital and Medical Center
St. Paul Federal Bank
State of Calif./Office of Attorney General
Sumitomo Bank
The Ford Foundation
Union Bank
United Savings Bank
United States Bankruptcy Trustee
Unity Savings Bank
U.S. Attorney General Office
U.S. Bancorp Mortgage Company
U.S. Bank
Wells Fargo Bank
World Savings Bank